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PeTA campaign: Go Faux For Fall
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Greetings Riverfans!
Since I'm a member of PeTA - People for Ethical Treatment of Animals - (I haven't donated anything yet, but I'm going to, and I'm a subscriber to the PeTA News and I've got an account at, I just wanted to post this;
A new campaign at FurIsDead. com! It's a petition you can sign if you don't want to wear fur, leather, skin and so on.
I recommend it, and I'll try to get as many to sign it as possible!
Hope you'll sign it. For the animals sake
River took great pride in these things, and I hope you will too if you sign. Life is for living - the animals agree.

Here's the link:

Have a nice day, everyone!

~there is a Rio in all of us~

-->The End is something you can't
tell Until it falls upon You.
Love & Peace<--
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