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River Facts
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CassiSubjectRiver Facts
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Hey guys! I have not been on in A LONG TIME!
I bought some really cool Dutch clippings on eBay the other day. Well, I got them and I read some really cool information I didn't know about him. Here are some cool facts:
-River had 2 dogs- a german shephard mixed with a doberman, and a purebred german shephard
-River had to put on 15 extra pounds to play Chris Chambers in Stand By Me, because he was a 14 year old playing a 12-13 year old, and the producers thought that the fatter you were, the younger you looked
-River HATED the idea of being a pin-up boy
-River was fluent in Spanish and English
-His mother loved living in Gainsville Florida because it was a "college town"

The whole interview was very interesting to me. I love learning new facts about River. If you know any that aren't already out there/obvious, will you share? Thanks!

--Kinda off subject, but it's another interesting fact. Did any of you guys know Wil Wheaton was left handed, as was "Grown-Up Gordie" Richard Dreyfuss? Wacky! But I am a lefty myself!

Thanks guys!
Much Love
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ThomasSubjectRe: River Facts
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Hi Cassi!

I've read somewhere (probably in this forum) that River's dogs were named Jupiter and Justice.

He hated flying--as does his brother, Joaquin and yours truly.

He was 5' 11" tall.

Finally, while making the movie "Explorers" he wore glasses to flesh out the role of Wolfgang; he hated being seen in them by girls, however, and took them off whenever girls approached him.


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