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Question for Barry about his book
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BARRYSubjectRe: Question for Barry about his book
PostedSun, Jul 20, 2008 05:51PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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No ODY, I was never able to get a hold of SKY at the time to interview him. In understand that now he is more open to interviews about River.
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OdymullSubjectRe: Question for Barry about his book
PostedTue, Jul 22, 2008 03:06PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hi Barry. I was just curious.

Thanks for the reply!
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BARRYSubjectRe: Question for Barry about his book
PostedFri, Aug 01, 2008 08:10PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hello Barry,
I will attempt to try and answer your questions, but many times your question is answered already in my book. My responses are below each question. you think john phoenix is his father?

No reason to believe he is not, people who knew them said they all resembled each other. see page pg. 292 in my book. you think arlyn is his mother? (I know this sounds weird, but I just don?t see any similarities. Joaqu and Rain look like their father, liberty and summer like there mum?riv???)

A strange question of course she is, the first person to hold him after he was born was Roy Nance, Arlyn handed River to him. Pg.22. you think river maybe had a desease or something? Maybe aids or something else? Don?t ask me how I can think of something like that?just some thoughts?.since we all now that he wasn?t really into prevention and stuff..

A strange question.Read autopsy report Pg. 339 and pg357.

4.why do you think his family doesn?t wanna talk about him anymore?

His death , still hurts and bothers them.

5.were you able to write every true thing about riv in your book, or were there some details that you couldn?t publish?

I wrote all the truth that told Rivers story, there are a few personal and very private items about his family that really does not have anything to do with him so I left those kind of things out though I am sure the National Inquirer would love to find out what these things are. there the whole interview of john phoenix in your book?

Not really- read the book.

7.what do YOU think happened in the night of 31th October?

Read Chapters 14 thru 16 for this answer.

8.why are there so many different story of this night? Simply to confuse US?

No one wrote anything to confuse you, but many stories were written in haste and before all the information/evidence was available, so from this came what appears to be a mixture of truths.

9.who do you think gave riv the drugs? Or could it be that it was his own stuff anyway?

Read the book

10.did you meet john frusciante? (I don?t link this question to the one before, although I know everyone knows the theory here?im just curious?what does he have to say?one fan once said that she talked to john about riv and that he was willing to talk about him?)

Read page 321

11.did you talk to rain? What did she say (im not sure if this is mentioned in your book).

I have talked with rain, but not about River.

12.are the phoenixes still in contact with john phoenix?

He is their father so I am sure they do, friends of theirs tell me they some do go to Costa Rica to visit him. John supposedly has a local band he has put together in Montezuma.

13.what is YOUR own personal opinion about river, his family and his friends?maybe also about his druguse, pressure and why keeping so many secrets?

The answer to this question can be found all through my book. you think riv was depressive? Yeah I know everyone is saying he was happy, embraced life wanted to live?.but was there maybe this tiny but strong voice in his inner soul that was sad? What do you think in this case? My thought is that he wasn?t THAT happy (that there was only a side to him that was like that), that he actually was quite sad (at times?maybe not open, maybe not even to his family or friends a lot) because of what happened to him all his life?the things we know, the things we don?t know?

Read page 32-33. you think this music will be released?ever?

Mark Penske, said 'God I hope not? when it was rumored that Rain was saying she would. He said she was not there how could she do an approbate job. And with the in-suing law suites and disagreements between Hasid Ra and the family , I would say No, we are not going to be able to hear any more of Alekas Attic

16.on youtube sky ones said to someone who asked a question that the truth will come out. The other asked ?when? and sky answered ?in 1 year?. Do you know anything about this?

No I dont.

17.if you can talk about this, but what are will richerts thoughts on river? Besides ?he was generous, great, kind, loving, funny, shy?.?

Bill , told me he not only lost a good friend he lost a business partner. He and River had many projects planned from films to alternate coffee companies. you think there is a chance that ?my own private Idaho? will be released again in theathers? I have the feeling that it would do so well and many people would know of riv and that he wouldn?t be the forgotten man of the 20th century. Now a crazy thought: maybe he would get even nominated for an oscar (because he was REALLY REALLY brilliant in mopi)?.

I agree MOPI is one of his best films. The film maybe shown at film fests, as is Gus's, Mala Noche which was released for the first time on DVD earlier this
The Oscar will never happen. will richerts still in contact with rivs family? Something tells me no.

No not really, too much bad blood between them. Bill talks about River , they do not.

I HOPE that you can answer every question, but I do understand if this isn?t possible (some of them are quite personal I guess).

Thank you anyway for reading my questions.
Also a very bib thank you for writing this book. It is really awesome?really sad too actually?

Thank you, I am glad you liked it, now re read it again.
Take care
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AquarianPhoenix6SubjectRe: Question for Barry about his book
PostedWed, Jul 23, 2008 12:31PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hi, Barry!

I must say that I have not read your book. Judging from reading the many posts here at ATW, it sounds like your book is one not to over look. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to buying a copy for myself, if it's still available.

I do have a question for you. But let me start off by mentioning this. Many years ago, I was active on this River site. I had a question in reguards to getting a book published. Someone had replied to my post. But to be honest I just don't remember who it was. No disrespect, but I'm hoping that it wasn't you. Only because I would be slightly embarrising myself having asked you the same question.

I was wondering - how did your book come about? I am currently in the process of writting a book. I have been at it for about 8 years. It is based on River. It is such a big dream of mine if my book were to be published. However, as my writting is coming closer to an end, I'm starting to realize that I maybe hitting a brick wall. There are a few obstacles that maybe preventing myself from making my dream a reality.

1. I don't have a publishing agent, nor do I have the
finacial means to obtain one either. Not only that,
but I have not a clue on how to even get one.

2. There are a few pictures from magazines and from the
internet that I have put in my book. They are
imparitive to my writting. I understand that if I do
so without proper consent, I could be landing myself
into a copyrite lawsuit.

3. I need to somehow get in touch personally with the
Phoenix family. There are some personal memories and
photos that I have of River. In all due respect to
the family I strongly feel that they should obtain to
these first before they were to become public.

If you have any insites, or suggestions so I'm heading in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

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karolingassnerSubjectRe: Question for Barry about his book
PostedSat, Aug 02, 2008 12:17PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hello Barry,

thank you so much for answering all of them.
i know some of them were quite weird, but thank you anyway.

oh i feel really embarrassed now for asking all of those, although mostly weer answered in your book. i will def. reread it...i actually started to read parts of it again.

you wrote that rivers death of course still hurt and bothers them. the thing is, in my opinion, they didnt learn too much of it. if i were them i would have packed my things and moved away. its also weird for me that joquin went back into this business, although he hates it all so much...if you love acting so much that you cant live without it, there are other ways to act, without being in the puplic eye really. but how would i know, huh?

i actually forgot a question (can you believe this? lol), do you think that his family will ever be willing to talk about river? or isnt there more to say really?
i just think it is a bit unfair to river.

again thank you for answering them and taking the time.
take care

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