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Something about Running on Empty
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Bluemoon7SubjectRe: Something about Running on Empty
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Thanks for your feedback, Skye. So, it's been a few months now since I really thought deeply about River and tried to reach out to him and connect with him. Ironically, I met a man who had known him and told me about the encounters they had together. How River wanted to meet his friend who was a nature lover, biologist, and someone who believed that we have souls. They never met because she lost his number. After talking to him and thinking about River again, the funny thing is I'm also a biologist and nature lover, anyways, things started to happen again in my room. My bike is acting crazy again and all sorts of numbers are appearing on the screen. At this point, I just smile and think wow, he is amazing. He will always be there. After some experiences that I had this winter during a blizzard where I could have easily crashed my car or even died and how I still wonder how I was able to move a massive tree out of the road, I really do feel like something was helping me, something I could not see but there seemed to be some force there to guide me and protect me. I remember during this time, I said to myself, shit, River, if there is a time that I need your help it is now! This was right before I almost crashed into a truck that had slid into my lane while sliding down a massive icy hill towards an ice covered bridge. I still don't know how I didn't hit this massive truck or the barrier wall and I still don't know what gave me the strength to move that tree and not crash into several cars that slid into my lane. I could talk forever but let's just say all of these experiences have made a very skeptical scientist who questions EVERYTHING into someone who has hope and no longer struggles with death as much as I used to, especially the death of those that I love or those that I feel are so innocent and pure/good- non-human animals included.
What I feel from these experiences from before the more recent ones, is that River wanted me to keep going, keep fighting for what's right and keep fighting for justice for all of the animals out there. He wants me to keep pushing to help protect the environment that he tried so hard to protect during his time here. I really do feel that he is working right by my side to insure that there is change and what he loves is protected. So, please don't look away from all of the suffering, please don't give up. River wants us to fight no matter what we go through, he will be here with us the entire way. Never turn away from the helpless, don't let them suffer.
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PescadoSubjectRe: Something about Running on Empty
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Trippy goodness!

When you wrote, "What I feel from these experiences from before the more recent ones, is that River wanted me to keep going, keep fighting for what's right and keep fighting for justice for all of the animals out there. He wants me to keep pushing to help protect the environment that he tried so hard to protect during his time here. I really do feel that he is working right by my side to insure that there is change and what he loves is protected. "

Frankly, it takes a brave soul to make these kinds of statements - about spirituality and spirit guides) in the face of negativity and pessimism. A lot of people feel these same things but are reluctant to share them due to the response they may receive. Kudos to you for being real and true - and brave!

Back to the topic - I feel you. I FEEL you. I barely knew who River was until Oct of 2010. I am not into his celebrity, but into his causes and artistic passion. He is a spirit guide for multiple people - and many of them are here on this site - and whether they know it, many are drawn here for a reason, a purpose. I was talking to several of my friends who are mediums and they indicated that he is sending many messages - but not everyone is prepared to receive them. (or take the message incorrectly as some kind of celebrity obsession) There are tons of examples of this that are beyond the impact of other "celebrities".

Now I am going to start going hippy-tippy and spiritual on you a little bit, but they have a theory that this ties into the whole 11:11 phenomenon (also referred to as the 111,222 phenomenon), where energy on the earth is going through a major shift, causing majors changes. To summarize, a bunch of spirit guides (or old souls) are supposedly reaching out to mobilize large numbers of chosen people to affect change.

There is a ton of info coming in to mediums - the messages globally are varied on the specific messages conveyed... I thought, "That sounds pretty trippy. I have been more politically active than ever before..."

But I too agree with you and feel you captured the message in this portion of your statement, "... keep fighting for what's right and keep fighting for justice..."

No only for Mother Earth and the animals (my first passion) but also for human and civil rights, global peace, access to food, education, water, sanitation, etc. I used to loath social issues and focus on environmental only - and I keep getting the message to fight on all fronts - essentially to "keep fighting for what's right".

Right on! I feel it too!

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zev17SubjectRe: River/spiritual guidance (Long post alert)
PostedTue, Dec 25, 2012 03:50PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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I realize this is an older thread, but I feel compelled to respond, nonetheless, which is why I joined this forum today.

How to start...hmmm...well, I too mourned River's death as though I had known him. I had a dream about him about 3 months after his death and then he kind of moved to my subconscious, I guess. I lived my life, did my thing. I married in 2003, had a child in 2008, blah, blah, blah.

It would be safe to say I was mostly atheist until October 5, 2010 when a friend and former employer committed suicide. I think I started toying with spiritual exploration then. But it was when my beloved 14-year-old dachshund died that I felt suffocating grief and really tried to look for evidence of life after death...for animals. She was by best friend, my child and my soul mate. I looked for stories of people who met their pets in near death experiences.

You can read more about the details of what prompted my spiritual journey here:

Fast forward to November 8, 2012...I prayed for more open and direct communication with my spirit guides. That night I dreamed of River. I would wake, go back to sleep and keep dreaming of River. When I woke I felt haunted and tried to remember what it was I was thinking about before I went to sleep and then I remembered. I thought, "Is he saying he is my spirit guide?!!" I have an open mind but am also equally skeptical. I started doing a search online using the words "river phoenix spirit guide" to see if there were others out there who thought River was there guide. One of the first sites I came to was which had a channeled interview with River.

Make sure you read the end of Kurt Cobaine's interview to see what River's current work is. I have come to absolutely love that site and am reading everything.

It wasn't until the end of the interview that a light bulb went off and my jaw dropped. It was the simple mention that the owl was River's favorite animal. You see, over the last year, owls kept coming up for me and I didn't understand why. At times it was really frustrating seeing yet another owl I know was meant for me to see and not understanding the meaning. It was him. It was all leading up to this one moment, as a kind of confirmation. And after this particular day, things started happening...electrical things that couldn't easily be explained away. One day I was driving home with my family and my attention was drawn for some reason to the right where I noticed a sign where the last half of the sign said "river". I looked back to the highway and 6 street lights on both sides turned on. I thought, "Okay, this could be him, but it really isn't that unusual for lights to go on as it is getting dark." and no sooner had I thought that then 6 different lights on both sides of the highway turned off. I laughed out loud at that point.

Since then I have researched and read some about the person River was in life and reflected on all the things he might have influenced in my life over the nearly 20 years since his transition. It kind of makes me laugh to think about because I look at myself now and I resemble more a tree-hugging-hippie today than I did all those years ago.

I became a vegetarian at the age of 17, but I didn't really concern myself about eating all that healthfully until I became pregnant. It was then I started thinking about eating organic and became very knowledgeable about food matters. In the third trimester I kind of freaked out and didn't want to have my daughter in a hospital. I switched to midwives and a birth center where I had a drug free water birth. We waited for the placenta to stop pulsing before we cut the cord. I exclusively breast fed and wore her for the first year of her life. She is 4 now and still sleeps with us in the family bed. I never set out to be an attachment parent...I just naturally gravitated that direction even though as a nanny I couldn't stand attachment parenting. We are doing Life Learning (aka unschooling) with my daughter. For those who are not sure what this is, it basically means she will never attend a traditional school and will instead learn about things that interest her. There is no curriculum like in home schooling...which is basically school at home. We want her to be allowed to learn in every moment in all that she does because she wants to. I know our ways and our views aren't the mainstream, but I am prepared to do what I feel is best for her even if it means that people will sometimes take issue with it.

When my daughter was 2, I asked her who she used to be before she was born. She said she used to be an astronaut. On another occasion not long after, I asked her to draw a picture of who she was before she was born. At 2, her picture resembled...well...scribbles. I asked her to tell me about her picture and who she was before she was born. At that point she said the picture was a white whale. To this day, she still says she used to be an astronaut and a whale. Not long ago she said she heard whispers when she was going to sleep. Was it River? Who knows, but it is something interesting to ponder.
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Jenny88SubjectRe: Something about Running on Empty
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ok this is weird because that happened recent days ago - what is very similar is your uncomfortable feeling. I do think he doesn't want to be forgotten
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