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Dreams about River
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River's RiverSubjectRe: Dreams about River
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At the beginning of december there was another River dream that I had. It was kind of a "making-of" of his movie TTCL. He was in a bright room and was sitting on a chair and gave an interview, Samantha was next to the door where you could go into the room. That section with Samantha was really near me but the one with River was much further away...

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eileen_marie21SubjectRe: Dreams about River
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hi. just found this website, pretty nice but i just had a dream about river last night. It was like he was on the set of stand by me, younger at 15 (i'm 18) and he was going to the lake or beach to swim and there was this boat. He and i were smiling and being friendly, and this girl wanted to tell him how much she liked him, later on after he had left. She might've been an old gf but i'd never heard of her before and she was kind of anxious. I remember thinking 'okaay...' since he got back into jeans and a white t-shirt and it looked like he was going off to film a few scenes.
I had this dream about him last year which was very hedonistic and colorful, and it was that 60s-hippie drug euphoria feeling, (not that i do drugs), but it was very free and pleasant.
I wonder what the most recent dream means, but i wonder if River reaches out to fans of his like Princess Diana did after she died, even if River passed nearly 20 years ago.
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Jenny88SubjectRe: Dreams about River
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Really interesting, i thought of it too! But in mine he is very quiet, hard to describe and it seems that we know each other. And there's a constant feeling of him wanting to be alive again.
Sometimes i feel he just wants to sleep and not be woken up by the music of his band or anything about him, but sometimes when it happens he feels good, 'alive(?)', hard to describe but he is definitely not dead, like his mother said, his spirit is still here, within us, in our hearts
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