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Updates and an apology!
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Dani The Girl4/6/2011 11:33:09 PM
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Dani The GirlSubjectUpdates and an apology!
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Hi everyone!

I owe ATW a huge apology for not getting the photos from this last year's visit to the Viper Room with your tributes on the site. I have them but I have misplaced the memory card with the photos. They're in my house for sure, I just have to find it. They will be up, I promise. Big apologies (so embarrassing!).

Second order of business:
I am opening upa Los Angeles- based lifestyle website called Via Los Angeles and I could use all the support I can get. Right now we only have a Facebook Fan Page and a blog preview but the official site will open up in a few months. If you would be so kind to check it out and possibly follow the blog or Like the Facebook Fan Page, I would be so grateful.


Via Los Angeles Facebook Fan Page:

Via Los Angeles Blog:

LASTLY: BIG BIG BIG Congratulations to Pietro, one of the members of ATW. He made a short film in Italy which won second place at the BU Redstone Film Festival. Edward and I had the chance to go support the film and it was truly amazing! So proud of have such a talented filmmaker in our midst.


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