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Dark Blood teaser trailer
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Created DateFri, May 18, 2012
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isharaSubjectDark Blood teaser trailer
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Long time just lurking.
I needed to register now.

Dark blood teaser trailer:

Sluizer video:

Thanks to rimbaudestunautre and lilacwine26 for posting them on tumblr.

All the feelings now!
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SylvieSubjectRe: Dark Blood teaser trailer
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Whoa, there will be a new River-Movie! I can?t believe this is true!

I really hope to see this movie in cinemas in Germany, too!

Thanks for sharing!
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Skye MorningStarSubjectRe: Dark Blood teaser trailer
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Well here is the thing guys....

IF you want to see this film released you have to go the website and donate either 15 or 50 or 150 euros, they are even asking for 2000 or 3000 euro donations. You receive exclusive gifts for your donation - if the goal is met. If the goal is not met you get your donation back but THE FILM WONT BE FUNDED, BACKED AND THEREFORE NOT RELEASED.

This is an opportunity for fans of River to be a part of something great. I know some (very few) ppl may believe that it was probably best to leave it unfinished BUT most would not feel the that way. I think George is doing something great, paying tribute in this way, to River.

Anyways.. there are only 58 days left to reach the goal. I donated already... we need more onboard. So lets spread the message ppl! Someone commented on the video saying they hope that the Phoenix family would donate to help this film get released - well I highly doubt that. So it's up to us!!!


"Some seek the death they choose, whether of form, body, wisdom, or soul, directly. Some accentuate the drama by disappearing from the face of the earth, others make their life an even more inspiring spectacle than the confession which is their work."
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cSubjectRe: Dark Blood teaser trailer
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Also go to -->

There is a "Dark Blood" fund to help them release the movie
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rekSubjectRe: Dark Blood teaser trailer
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The Phoenix family will definitely not be donating and I don't see why they should. Not only did the producers sue River's estate for $6 millions after he died, but George himself has been sensationalistic talking about things that are really none of our business and in ways that have been disrespectful.

I understand why he wants to finish it. I always thought The Vanishing was an amazing movie and he can definitely be proud of that. I just don't think he ever got over the fact that Dark Blood was never finished, because honestly, it could've made a world of difference in regards to his legacy.

I don't for a second believe he has ever expected the family to help out with this project though.

I'm torn. I'm really excited but at the same time I'm kind of worried and thinking it may be better if it doesn't get out. So I will personally not be donating any money.
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