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RIP Marilyn Monroe
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Just wanted to honor Ms Marilyn Monroe (The most beautiful woman in the world)who died on this day 50 years ago.
Marilyn you will always be in my heart and I`m sure in a lot of others too.
Like River you didnt have the easiest life and life brought you great scars that never really healed.
People laughed at you, said you couldnt act, that you were a dumb blonde, slept your way to stardom and that without help from "the big bosses" you would never be anybody, but they were all wrong, and whos "laughing" now.
Now 50 years after your tragic death Youre the most famous blonde and sexsymbol of all time. People still love and miss you(inc. all of us born after your death)
Today we all unite all over the world celebrating your life and legacy and mourn a beautiful soul that did so much good in your short 36th life, that always cared for others and who despite of it all believed in herself, worked hard, and can thank no one but herself for the achievements, that you had in your way too short life.
To all of you reading this, and not knowing so much about Marilyn or just the "crap version" Id like to share this with you. Marilyn had a very tough childhood.Abandonned by her mother as a infant and grew up in several foster homes and families until the age og 16 where she married for her first time to avoid be sending back to a foster home.
The movie company who signed her, used her.She quickly became a huge star but still she got paid less than the cleaning ladiees, and the comapny earned a lot using her in movies. She actually the reason why 20th century fox didnt went bankrupcy.Finally she broke with the studio and went to study method acting at Lee Strasbergs studio. He later said that Marilyn and james Dean were the 2 greatest movie stars he ever worked with. She founded her own movie company working on getting her more serious movie roles and not type casted dumb blondes. She won a golden globe for her portrait of Sugar kane in some like it hot-voted the best comedy ever. She worked hard on better treatment for children in foster homes and wished more than anything in life to have her own baby or adopt one.She lost a lot of babies, and never got the chance to adopt. 50 years ago she died alone in her home under mysterious sircumstances. The public was told she probably took her own life but some say this was a cover-up and that she was actually killed by either the mafia, the FBI or the Kennedys(she was having an affair with President Kennedy and his brother)Fact is, that the autopsy reports and papers mysterious got lost and fact is that the police was first contacted hours after she was dead, even though she had been found earlier.When the police came to her house it were being cleaned by her housekeeper and she was doing her laundry in the middle of the night. The crime scene was cleaned and the persons there(her housekeeper, her psychiatrist and doctor)changed theyre stories from time to time all there lives on what really had happened. The sad fact is, that marilyn who was loved by so many died alone and maybe under false facts.
After her death people still used and laughed at her.Her body was showed to photographers who got the chance to take photos of her and no one claimed her body at first. Finally her ex-husbond Joe Dimaggio did and gave her a very beautiful and very privtate funeral where he allowed no one from the movie business attend, as he said those bastards killed her. He had flowers send to her grave twice a week for the next 20 years, and never remarried.It has been said that on his own dead bed in 1999 just before dying he said that finally he was going to see Marilyn again.
Marilyn was survived by her mother(who died 20 years later)and a half sister.I think neither of them attended her funeral.
Marilyn grave is to this day a tourist attraction. A memorial service is held every year.Fans have flowers broght to her crypt every week, and her marble tomstone is full of lipstick, fingers and coins from fans paying their respect to a person they will never forget.
I love you Marilyn, miss you and will do so forever
Lots of love

president of the river phoenix fan club
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