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It's been a while.. had to share this...
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Sweet_River8/23/2012 10:40:03 PM
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Sweet_RiverSubjectIt's been a while.. had to share this...
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This is so crazy. I have to share this story, which sorta makes me feel awefully stupid. So last night, I had some odd dream.. I never remember the details of my dreams, but this one had River in it. Honestly, I NEVER dream about River so big surprise. It?s been soooo long since I was last on this forum. I think it started when I couldn?t log in, tried to get a password reset, then the reset password didn?t work either? so I just gave up. But because of last night?s dream, I decided to visit this forum. I?m reading the title to some of the recent posts thinking ?Wow, I forgot about River?s birthday this year? I?m so horrible, I totally missed it?. Then I started thinking ?Hmm.. how long ago was his birthday?, looked at my calendar, saw Aug 23 - WOW, it?s today???!!!!! Was this dream just a coincidence or what? It?s so crazy to think that although consciously, I may have ?forgotten? about something, it still dwells within myself, an energy so strong that it transforms into a dream? and because of that dream, I actually did not miss River?s birthday.

Happy 42nd, River!
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