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*walks in with newbie shirt on* Hi there!

I've found this forum doing research on a River-related project, and I must say first that it is a very delightful community here. I've been peripherally aware of River most of my life, but only became a fan very recently. Once he gets your attention, he sure grows on you, doesn't he? As an actor and a incredible human being. I haven't posted up until now because I'm shy.

I'm posting now because I was cruising, and managed to land on the page about River Phoenix. [ ]. And it's kinda dismayingly empty. Now, I know this is more a fun and informal sort of site, but when it comes to mass media, I sometimes learn more there than on Wikipedia. Check it out and click around a bit.

I just thought that River was somewhat under-represented, and since just about anyone can update the info presented there, I was thinking of working on River's page a bit, and some of connected movie pages which are also lacking. And I figure, instead of hogging all the fun, I would see if anyone else wanted in on this.

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