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HI Riverfriends,
I have the answer to Barry's puzzle: which actor
appeared in THREE of River's pictures?
Really now, we couldn't let Barry beat us on this
one, could we?
I confess: I've been too busy for two weeks to
have given the question much thought, so I used the
clue Jacky passed on from Barry but, coming up with
the answer was not brilliance on my part. I researched
it, right on the internet, to get the answer and you
can too, so I won't post the answer until tomorrow at
7 AM Virginia time (EST). Why not see how many of us
can get the goods on Barry before he gets back
Now, take the hint from Jacky and go to the
Internet Movie Database. Have fun figuring it out!

Love to River and to all of us!


--- xx Jacky xx <rio_phoenix@h...> wrote:
> Hi Michelle and everyone,
> Jacky here... Well, Thanks you and also want to say
> a belated Happy
> Thanksgiving to everybody (we don't celebrate
> thanksgiving so I don't know
> about it much except it's one of the most important
> holidays in the US)
> So... yes, I have indeed met Barry when he was here.
> It was a great fun!! We
> chatted about River for almost 6hours on the first
> night!! Then I show him
> around for the next couple of days. 'Course we
> chatted more about River. Oh
> by the way, he was asking about if you still
> remember the question he put up
> before he go (the actor who plays in 3 River's
> movie) He asked me to give
> out a hint... so folks, if you still interested...
> the hint is 'SBM'
> Ok... that's it for this time...
> Love
> Jacky

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