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the REAL answer
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Edward12/1/1999 12:21:49 PM
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In Virginia, 7:12 AM

Good Morning Riverfriends!
And the REAL answer is:

Bradley Gregg

A note already in my box this morning shows Emily
knows the answer, but Emily, if you figured it out
only by Jacky's clue, I think all of our hats should
be off to you. I had to search the other credits of
the SBM cast to locate Bradley Gregg who, as you said,
is little known.
He played "Eyeball Chambers" in SBM, "Roscoe" in
IJLC and a member of "Steve Jackson's" gang in
EXPLORERS (which I have never seen). He is in the 1999
production HOW TO BECOME FAMOUS, but I don't know
whether it's in release yet.

Love to River and to all of us!


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