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Well congrats to Edward and Emily for doing some research on the
internet and finding that Bradley Gregg is the only person to act w/ Riv
in 3 pictures.

You know what ? Jackey actually came up w/ a second person whom could be
considered a (far ) contender for the title too, and based on the fact
that Peggy saw that trivia Q on TV the other night that confirmed that
it was really was River whom we all thought was wearing the Bee keepers
hat in Cow Girls(Thanks for the kind compliment Peggy) even though GVS
told me he was not in the pict. would then be Keanu. Although River did
not star in this pict they none the less were both in it.

Speaking of Jacky , we DID HAVE a good time together. Can you believe it
we stayed up til 3 Am talking about River?!
Jacky is now the 5th Riophile© from the list I have met in person.
and next week will be a 6th person in New York.

Lastly let me give you all another brain teaser. how is Wynona Ryder
doubly connected to River? and Harrison Ford tripply(Is that a word)
connected to him? and what is the connenction to , Richard Dryfus,
Michael Douglas, Suzanne Summers , Francis Ford Copola and Joaquin
Phoenix all have in common w/ each other?

Sincerely, BARRY

From: Edward Correll <elc712@y...>

In Virginia, 7:12 AM

Good Morning Riverfriends!
And the REAL answer is:

Bradley Gregg

A note already in my box this morning shows Emily
knows the answer, but Emily, if you figured it out
only by Jacky's clue, I think all of our hats should
be off to you. I had to search the other credits of
the SBM cast to locate Bradley Gregg who, as you said,
is little known.
He played "Eyeball Chambers" in SBM, "Roscoe" in
IJLC and a member of "Steve Jackson's" gang in
EXPLORERS (which I have never seen). He is in the 1999
production HOW TO BECOME FAMOUS, but I don't know
whether it's in release yet.

Love to River and to all of us!


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