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~Lena12/1/1999 10:27:54 AM
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Barry C. Lawrence wrote:

> Well congrats to Edward and Emily for doing some research on the
> internet and finding that Bradley Gregg is the only person to act w/ Riv
> in 3 pictures.
> You know what ? Jackey actually came up w/ a second person whom could be
> considered a (far ) contender for the title too, and based on the fact
> that Peggy saw that trivia Q on TV the other night that confirmed that
> it was really was River whom we all thought was wearing the Bee keepers
> hat in Cow Girls(Thanks for the kind compliment Peggy) even though GVS
> told me he was not in the pict. would then be Keanu. Although River did
> not star in this pict they none the less were both in it.
> Speaking of Jacky , we DID HAVE a good time together. Can you believe it
> we stayed up til 3 Am talking about River?!
> Jacky is now the 5th Riophile© from the list I have met in person.
> and next week will be a 6th person in New York.
> Lastly let me give you all another brain teaser. how is Wynona Ryder
> doubly connected to River? and Harrison Ford tripply(Is that a word)
> connected to him? and what is the connenction to , Richard Dryfus,
> Michael Douglas, Suzanne Summers , Francis Ford Copola and Joaquin
> Phoenix all have in common w/ each other?
> Sincerely, BARRY
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> Subject: [acrosstheway] the REAL answer
> Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 04:21:49 -0800 (PST)
> From: Edward Correll <elc712@y...>
> Reply-To: acrosstheway@o...
> To: acrosstheway@o...
> From: Edward Correll <elc712@y...>
> In Virginia, 7:12 AM
> Good Morning Riverfriends!
> And the REAL answer is:
> Bradley Gregg
> A note already in my box this morning shows Emily
> knows the answer, but Emily, if you figured it out
> only by Jacky's clue, I think all of our hats should
> be off to you. I had to search the other credits of
> the SBM cast to locate Bradley Gregg who, as you said,
> is little known.
> He played "Eyeball Chambers" in SBM, "Roscoe" in
> IJLC and a member of "Steve Jackson's" gang in
> EXPLORERS (which I have never seen). He is in the 1999
> production HOW TO BECOME FAMOUS, but I don't know
> whether it's in release yet.
> WHEW!!
> Love to River and to all of us!
> Edward
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