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HI & Guiness Book of Movies
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~Susan K12/2/1999 3:41:36 AM
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~Susan KSubjectHI & Guiness Book of Movies
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hi everyone, glad you are back Barry, and im glad you and Jacky got to meet &
talk about Riv, i wish i could talk to someone in person whos as big of a fan
as me. What did you call someone Rivphiles ? or some thing like that. Is that
our offical name ?
Oh i meant to tell you all, i was at walmart the other day and they had
the Guiness Book of Movies, it was their opinion (it was really good!) of the
best 15-25 movies of each decade. They included Stand By me, Sneakers, and
My Own Private Idaho, complimenting Rivers talent in the reviews. Sadly,
there was a entertainment news timeline at the top of the pages , and they
mentioned River's death.
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