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Re: whoa, big news. (for me at least)
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xokatyxo12/2/1999 10:46:54 PM
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xokatyxoSubjectRe: whoa, big news. (for me at least)
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hey. you will never guess what i'm doing for the new
year....................................................... give up? you all
probably know i'm from london england and i'm 16 right? if not, now u do! so
naturally i'm (by some miraculous bizzarre and extremely wonderful twist of
fate) seeing in the year 2000 in Los Angeles at a Red Hot Chili Peppers
show. to express what i'm feeling right now without swearing
gratuitously? i mean is this the weirdest thing you've ever heard in your
life or what?! i work minimum wage in a factory in london, i'm 16yrs old and
i've never even so much as been outside this country before.... this is a
mind-blowingly huge situation for me. I'm going on an aeroplane! staying in
a hotel! i can't beleive this.... it's just so large a thing, my little
naive inexperienced head can barely comprehend. so i'm of course going to
take that morbid pilgramage which i've thought about everyday since i was 11
(to the viper room) and i'll probably make a fool out of myself. and i'm
seeing the chili peppers again! in their hometown! .........i think i need
to lie down for a few days, excuse me...
love katy
(aren't you proud of me? this is the biggest thing that's ever happened to
me in my entire, albeit short, life and i managed to tell you about it
without swearing once!! i've acheived.)
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