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Re: whoa, big news. (for me at least)
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~Skye12/2/1999 11:36:52 PM
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~SkyeSubjectRe: whoa, big news. (for me at least)
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Hello Everyone!
Hey Katy I am very happy for you!!! I think it's great that you are able
to see Los Angeles and the Chili Peppers too! And I'm happy you are able
to make the stop off at the Viper Room too. I know that I have a
curiosity about going to the Viper Room. Just to see what it's like, I
know I will make it there someday though! I have to quit writting for
now. I just wanted to say I'm happy for ya Katy! Love and Peace ~ Skye

From: "Katy" <xtracheesepizza@w...>

hey. you will never guess what i'm doing for the new
year....................................................... give up? you all
probably know i'm from london england and i'm 16 right? if not, now u do! so
naturally i'm (by some miraculous bizzarre and extremely wonderful twist of
fate) seeing in the year 2000 in Los Angeles at a Red Hot Chili Peppers
show. to express what i'm feeling right now without swearing
gratuitously? i mean is this the weirdest thing you've ever heard in your
life or what?! i work minimum wage in a factory in london, i'm 16yrs old and
i've never even so much as been outside this country before.... this is a
mind-blowingly huge situation for me. I'm going on an aeroplane! staying in
a hotel! i can't beleive this.... it's just so large a thing, my little
naive inexperienced head can barely comprehend. so i'm of course going to
take that morbid pilgramage which i've thought about everyday since i was 11
(to the viper room) and i'll probably make a fool out of myself. and i'm
seeing the chili peppers again! in their hometown! .........i think i need
to lie down for a few days, excuse me...
love katy
(aren't you proud of me? this is the biggest thing that's ever happened to
me in my entire, albeit short, life and i managed to tell you about it
without swearing once!! i've acheived.)
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