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"You Lucky Son Of A Gun!"
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Michelle B.12/2/1999 11:41:39 PM
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Michelle B.Subject"You Lucky Son Of A Gun!"
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Good evening everyone! How's everyoe doing tonight? No need to ask you Katy, because you are floating on cloud nine. I would be too, if that was happening to me. I'm so happy that you get to do this. That's just the best. You, my young pup, are going to have the best New Year, that a person can have, because your are bringing it in with one, if not the best, groups out there. Enjoy it, and have the best time ever!! I know, I know, it's true. You say, "Hello.", and then I say, "I do." I love that song Around the world so much, that I just had to sing part of it for you all! Hee-hee!! Enjoy sweetie, and i'm glad you get to do this. Have a great night all. Love and Peace, Michelle B.
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