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Hello Riverfriends,
Here on Saturday afternoon it's been busy for me:
a small drafting project for my office, a music
project for my cousin, taking prospective buyers
through my Mom's house which is for sale, email chats
with a friend about the Canadian group RUSH, and
computer studies on top of it all. Taking a moment to
check River's list, I see it must be busy for everyone
else too, because I'm the only one who's been here!!
But out of sight is NOT out of mind for me, so I'm
thinking about Susan with another thank-you for the
book she found to share with us; Jacky, Hong Kong host
extraordinaire; Katy, so excited to be going to LA to
see the Chili Peppers; Skye, "sermonizer" on behalf of
domestic animals; Barry, about to meet another
Riverfriend in New York; Rodger, concerned for his Mom
who is ill at the moment; Michelle, always so glad at
someone else's happiness.
There are Riverfriends who haven't posted lately
(or maybe I missed it), so I don't know what's current
in their lives, but I think about them, too, grateful
to have you all to walk among from time to time, for
River's sake initially, but then finally for your own
sakes, independent of River, just for being the people
YOU are.
Blessings on your day and

Love, to River and to all of us,


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