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Hi Riverfriends,
I hope all of you have been Y2K-less so far and
that everything remains fine.
I have, unexpectedly and completely by accident
discovered a site with a good number of pictures of
River so I am writing to pass on the news. I came
across it while reasearching something completely
unrelated to River, so I had a good New Year's
The site is

River's page has 129 pictures, a good number of
them candids; several are either candids or scenes
from some of his films; some of the pix load slowly
and I didn't have time at that moment to wait for
every picture, but I recognized IDAHO, MOSQUITO COAST,
EXPLORERS and JIMMY REARDON at least. There are lots
of pictures we are all familiar with, but at least
one-third of the pictures were new to me. Many of you
who look for pictures more conscientiously than I do
may have seen more of these than I had seen, but I
think there's a good chance of everyone's finding
something s/he hasn't seen yet.
I'm glad to pass the word on to those who don't
know this site.

Happy New Year again!

Love to River and all of us,


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