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Edward1/5/2000 12:43:53 AM
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Dear Peggy,
What a beautiful statement that was on the
sympathy card! Thank-you for sharing it with us. I
have forwarded that sentiment (not your letter) to
another list so the cheer can keep radiating. I'm sure
River is smiling now, too.
And I am glad to hear how River's list is making
special friends for each other.


--- RJP23PC@a... wrote:
> Thank you Barry and Edward for your kind wishes.
> Yes, I am feeling better.
> As I said, you are ALL such a special group of
> friends. This past year I
> have gotten to know Michelle and Skye better through
> some great phone
> conversations. Both are two of the most caring,
> loving women I have had the
> pleasure to get to know. I feel honored to truly
> consider them real friends
> now. Barry and Jacky got to meet and spend some
> quality time. I am sure
> there were others. You just KNOW that River is
> smiling at all of this!
> Speaking of which, Barry, I never really noticed
> that River didn't smile that
> much in his later photos. You are absolutely right.
> Kind of makes one sad
> to think of this fact. Was he deep in thought,
> hassled by the media,
> concerned about his music and world issues? Who
> knows? It still saddens me
> to think that he wasn't captured smiling as much.
> But I am sure that he is
> smiling now.
> I bought a sympathy card for a friend and this was
> the saying on the front
> (which the Aries innocence in me just LOVED):
> "Perhaps they are not the stars;
> but rather openings in heaven
> where the love of our lost ones
> pours through and shines down upon us
> to let us know that they are happy."
> *Inspired by an Eskimo
> legend
> Keep smiling everyone!!
> Love to all,
> Peggy

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