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~Susan K1/5/2000 3:57:07 AM
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In a message dated 1/3/00 2:38:52 PM Central Standard Time,
thecolonel@w... writes:

<< Yes Susan, parts of Tragedy AKA: A Family in Crisis, were filmed in Oak
city, as the FAA calls it.

Sincerely, BARRY
I was talking to my dad about that movie for some reason the other day, i
refered to it as Surviving, but then i said molly ringwald was in it or
something.Then he recognized it and said he remembered taping it a really
long time ago because it was filmed here, in Nichols Hills. I dug through a
thousand old tapes, and i finally found it marked Tragedy, but of course my
dad had taped over it which made me so upset, since ive never seen it. Ive
probably driven by the house it was filmed at a million times (i live in OKC)
. Does anyone know where you can buy the tape, or if it is ever coming on tv
Thanks for the site ! I love seeing new pics of River. It makes me sad to
see all the frowning pictures, wow Barry, i've yet to see 40+ of him smiling,
but, yes, it does warm you up inside when you see him with a happy face.
Peggy, thanks for sharing the exerpt from the card with us.
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