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DVD Petition for "My Own Private Idaho"
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~Ken O1/5/2000 4:24:17 AM
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~Ken OSubjectDVD Petition for "My Own Private Idaho"
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I'm new to this list, and thought I'd fire this out and ask for your help.

I have a website that is dedicated to "My Own Private Idaho" that has
been online for a couple years now..... and I am looking for fans of this
who would like to add their name to my online petition list that I am
online and am using to tell "New Line Cinema" (aka "Fine Line Features")
they need to get a clue and release this on DVD as-soon-as-possible!

I have emailed "New Line Cinema"a number of times and have gotten no
response at all. I would appreciate any help in adding your name to this
so that they can get off their butts and get busy! They have many other
that are under their name on DVD, just not this one.

Feel free to surf my website:
The petition is on the main page as well as numerous color, B&W, Presskit,
Film Posters, autograph of River/Keanu, etc from this amazing film.

Many thanks..... Ken
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