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Re: DVD Petition for "My Own Private Idaho"
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Edward1/5/2000 12:34:25 PM
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EdwardSubjectRe: DVD Petition for "My Own Private Idaho"
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Hi Ken,
Welcome among us!
Your "Idaho" site is beautifully done and I've
signed the petition. Thanks.


--- NMkenboy <nmkenboy@h...> wrote:
> I'm new to this list, and thought I'd fire this out
> and ask for your help.
> I have a website that is dedicated to "My Own
> Private Idaho" that has
> been online for a couple years now..... and I am
> looking for fans of this
> film
> who would like to add their name to my online
> petition list that I am
> maintaining
> online and am using to tell "New Line Cinema" (aka
> "Fine Line Features")
> that
> they need to get a clue and release this on DVD
> as-soon-as-possible!
> I have emailed "New Line Cinema"a number of times
> and have gotten no
> response at all. I would appreciate any help in
> adding your name to this
> petition
> so that they can get off their butts and get busy!
> They have many other
> films
> that are under their name on DVD, just not this one.
> Feel free to surf my website:
> The petition is on the main page as well as numerous
> color, B&amp;W, Presskit,
> Film Posters, autograph of River/Keanu, etc from
> this amazing film.
> Many thanks..... Ken
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