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i was thinking that the lyric about "johns alfresco" and the chateau marmont
was one about john frusciante actually.
he lived there for quite a while when his house burned down. there's a
terrible article from the LA Times from 96 which describes john's living
conditions there. he was completely emerced in drugs (in his own words "was
smoking crack and weed, shooting heroin and speed, everyday..") his hair and
teeth were falling out, he was horribley thin and scarred and his only foods
were those nutrition drinks that old people consume because their
teeth/stomachs can't handle real food.
Anyway, gibby haynes (singer/lyricist of P and the butthole surfers) has
long been one of john's best friends.
Of that time john recently said that "all my friends stopped coming to see
me because i made them too sad. i was quite happy just floating along doing
my thing but they would leave the room with this sad expression on their
face. i was really lonely. so now my focus is to try and make them happy, i
want to see my friends smiling not me making them sad."
So i assumed the lyric "i guess we all had alot better things to see" was a
reference to that. i didn't even consider john belushi but it's quite

from what i understand, the lyric about "him and river phoenix leaving on
the road tommorrow" was about michael driving with river out to see a lake
or something the next day.
the first time i heard it i thought gibby was being abit mean or nasty about
michael stipe and the whole song really, but after listening to it alot now
it's clear he's not, (apparently he's a pretty big fan.)
Gibby has a growly southern accent and writes pretty weird loud distorted
music and lyrics (in P, but more notably in the Butthole Surfers) but unless
i'm mistaken his voice does get abit softer when he says "river phoenix" (he
was at the viper room the night he died and was one of rivers many musician

whew, this is getting abit long winded isn't it? i'll stop about gibby now,
but there is one other thing i wanted to mention...

ANOTHER cd that i found not too long ago which is called "Beautiful Mess"
by Thelonious Monster (1992) in the "thank you's" at the end (alongside
"flea and john frusciante") is "Dick and River" which i'm sure is dick rude
and river (since bob forrest (the singer) was friends with them/him and a
central part of the whole LA music scene that river seemed to gravitate

haha! i'm just awash with interesting facts aren't i?

> Dear katy:
> You continue to amaze me , at the contacts and the information that you
> find.
> Thanks once again for sharing your KNOWLEDGE with us all . I was
> pleased at the lyrics of that song.
> What is your take on the meaning of some of the lyrics?
> I gather that "johns alfresco ' refers to John Belushi."
> What do you think the meaning of ; "Him(stipe) and River Phoenix were
> leaving on the Road tomorrow" is ?
> Who sings the song? who wrote the words?
> What is your take on it`s meaning?
> thanks again for your insights this info was more than
> "semi"interesting. it was GREAT!!
> Sincerely, BARRY
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