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Hi all,

I'm new to the list and wanted to say hello. I
just moved to Los Angeles a couple weeks ago. Boy
what a busy city! Quite different from the small Air
Force base I used to live at. Anyway, I have always
been fond of River Phoenix. The thing I most admired
about him was his sweet and generous spirit. Someone
who would by rainforest trees just to save them,
someone who would go and buy $200 worth of hamburgers
to feed the homeless when he saw them, he was an earth
concious, and God loving individual. It's these
things that really stuck out for me when I first heard
of him. I remember the day he died when I heard it on
the news. I remember how sad I was and couldn't stop
crying. I am also a psychic and spirit channeler, I
have always felt close to River and today, he is my
spirit guide. Anyway, feel free to respond if anyone
wishes, I'd like to know how you all feel about him.

Mystery Jedi

Phantom Menace Fan Fiction Universe
"I AM the force!"
quoted by Zaraheta (Star Wars: Heart of the Force)
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