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~Susan K3/7/2000 11:00:51 PM
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In a message dated 3/6/00 8:36:36 PM Central Standard Time,
Fishstik44@a... writes:

<< Hey guys, i know its all quiet but I have something about River to share.
the Teen People magazine w/ Blink182 on the cover, there is a box picture of
River. Its on page113, and he's there because they were doing a story on a
year old drug user, they were giving examples . Its a 1 by 1 inch pic and
his hair is shoulder length and red. whew. thats all!!! Take care and bye bye

~Eileen >>
Hey eileen! I saw that too &amp; i was all happy and excited that there was a pic
of River in a current teen magazine! i think they could have found a better
pic though (not that the one they used was that bad)
Welcome to the list mystery jedi!!! glad to have you around !!!
I'm so sorry to hear about Keanu's baby, thats so sad !! michelle, you are so
sweet !
I hope keanu in doing okay and gets back in the spotlight (i miss him!) when
he feels better about the loss.
~~love to all~~
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