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~Eileen3/8/2000 3:42:12 AM
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wow there, I felt the same way for a little bit, like a couple weeks ago. I
was pretty upset and I couldn't kick it. No suicide, bad bad suicide. River
had many reasons to turn to drugs and I'm sure some of them we have no idea
about. he was one of those people that saw so much and wanted to show but
couldn't because of the lack of compassion as humans. Many writers have
fallen subgect to that, they see things no one else can, no one else
understands, so they wallow in pity and commit suicide. Its such a tragic
story. I'm sorry ur feeling depressed but suicide wont resolve anything.
think of what ur leaving behind. ANd who ur leaving. Think hard about stuff
ad what river would say. Peace to all. bye bye

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