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there's been a long article in a Premiere issue after Rodney's death, I
guess on december 98. It was a whole file about him and also about drug use
by Hollywood youth. They did talk about MOPI quite a bit because it was his
most important part at the time, and it echoes with River's death. Actually
Rodney was meant to play Mike Waters, but when River and Keanu signed up Gus
gave him another part - he probably didn't believe at first that River and
Keanu would really accept.
A friend of him recalled that she tried to warn him against drug use on the
set - Rodeny was too hypnotized by the movie's surroundings for her
liking -, and she said River would trie to argue, but the others didn't even

What struck me was a comment by another friend of him, who went against the
usual speeches. He insisted that it wasn't a story about how Hollywood can
screw up somebody's life with drugs, because Rodney had always taken stuff,
and it had probably helped him to live longer in the contrary - I think he
meant that Rodney was suicidal or something.
Which is not any cheering, to think that his (or anyone's) life would be
more painful without drugs than with.

Take care,

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> Iwas told by a trusted friend that River was not mentioned in it at
> all-So we didn`t miss anything.
> But I would have liked to have learned more about Rodney, such a tragic
> loss.
> he makes a least 3 people in the movie that have died
> Sincerely, BARRY
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