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Re: [acrosstheway] looking up oct 31
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Edward7/6/2000 12:33:23 PM
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EdwardSubjectRe: [acrosstheway] looking up oct 31
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Hi Ashley!
I know just how you feel, wanting to bring River back. All of us
at "Across the Way" would like that, too, so you are certainly among
friends. We keep River alive in our hearts with our love for him and
with our appreciation of his talent, his beauty and his altruism.
I love LITTLE NIKITA, too. My favorite sequence is the basketball
Thanks for sharing your feelings for River with the rest of us!
The words at the bottom of this letter are for River...


moonbase@p... writes:
> i couldnt help looking up oct i had posted but for this  year oct is
> coming up and so is the sades day be shur to remember rivers
> birthdayAUG 23 1970. i whish there was a way to bring him
> back......ashley

Fair of face and form and fair of heart,
Ageless Wisdom born as Ageless Youth;
He walked within us, every sacred part,
In his eyes and mouth the taunt of Truth.
He spread his fire across our darkest skies,
He shed his light upon our darkest roads...

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