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Re: [acrosstheway] looking up oct 31 Edward
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~Emily B7/8/2000 12:15:42 AM
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~Emily BSubjectRe: [acrosstheway] looking up oct 31 Edward
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--- moonbase@p... wrote:
> i know it's just there is somthing about river jude
> phoenix in his
> acting and ind his eyes and voice,music. it is just
> insind of river
> in his hart .river is specil. P.S I'm now a
> veggitarian ....ashley
> long live River Jude Phoenix...

I couldnt agree with you more. River was beautiful
with everything he did, and especially in the things
he was most pationate about...his acting, his music,
and the earth. if only everyone held as much passion
as he did. i loved the way he would look at you on
screen, without actually looking, i always felt this
strange sort of connection with him that made me
smile. i loved the way his hair fell into his eyes
making him look even more vulnerable then he actually
was. to sum it up, i loved everything about him.

love emily b*

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