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~Susan K7/12/2000 5:02:19 AM
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hey everyone!
ashley are you new to the group? how cool you are! such an awesome river fan
(and hey, you like the doors too!!) so how long have you liked river? thats
cool that you are a vegetarian. I love little nikita too, i love all of it,
hes sooooo cute in it!! I love the parts with his family and the ''trust''
thing, and the part where he talks to sidney poitier, and hes like you aren't
my father, you aren't even my friend. and oh yes the basketball scene. so
whats new everyone? i feel like i haven't talked to everyone in forever, i
always miss you guys!!
Oh yea, good news, for everyone who hasn't seen the family ties episode w/
Riv, im pretty sure you will be able to catch it july 17, in the morning
(check your time, i think its @ 6 or 7 on my central time) on tbs (i think).
Sorry, i don't have the info i wrote down in front of me.
peace~~~ Susan
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