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"Love Lives On In The Heart."
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Michelle B.11/1/2000 12:02:26 AM
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Michelle B.Subject"Love Lives On In The Heart."
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Good evening all. Peggy, thank you for that piece you put on the list. If that does not say it all, I just don't know what will. On this day, i'm sure were all a little lost for the words we really want to say. I know I am. I was thinking about what I could say in rememberence of River, and the words just would not come out. Only the tears would come. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and all of us who hold him dear in our hearts. This day, and every day. Though my heart breaks this day. There is a blessing in this day too. The fact that we all can share in our love of River, (together.) That's a great comfort, blessing, and joy to me. I pray for all of you, as well. On this day one song keeps going thrugh head. Especially a few lines in this song. It just says it for me. All the words I can't seem to say myself. So, if you will allow me a moment, i'd like to post those words in this post. I'd also like to dedicate it to River, his family and friends, and all of you.... The song is by Gladys Night and the Pips. The song is called, "The Best thing That Ever Happened To Me." Here are the lines from that song. "There have been times. When times where hard. But I always, somehow, I made it. I made it through. But, for ever moment that I spent just hurting. There was a moment that I spent just loving you. If anyone should ever write my life story. For whatever reason there might be. You would be there. Between each line of pain and glory. Because your the best thing that ever happened to me" Thanks everyone, for allowing to print the words to that song up. God bless you all, and peace be yours, always, Michelle B.
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