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mad at the phoenix family???
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Created DateWed, Nov 01, 2000
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~Lindz11/1/2000 8:51:25 PM
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~LindzSubjectmad at the phoenix family???
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im just curious, why exactly are you mad at his family???
i guess there could be a reason for them to be blamed but i dont really know
what you are refeering to.
could you explain please???
(im not sure who said that, cause i erased it before i could read the name at
the bottom)

well...i am mostly mad at river! he was such an ass (um...sorry for that) but
he was...he knew what he was doing was gonna kill him, he didnt even want
reporters mentioning that he was smoking when giving the interviews, i find
that to be really retarded on his part.,..and i think the only person to be
blamed is him. i know that sounds horrible, but it is true! he could have
gotten help, lots of people tried to help him, but he never listened...or
would listen and just ignore what they had said.
well, i hate to souind bitter or anything (which im sure i do) this close
after 'that' day and all....
well, bye for now folks...
luv Lynzy
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