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Re: [acrosstheway] mad at the phoenix family???
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~Peyton11/1/2000 11:12:46 PM
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~PeytonSubjectRe: [acrosstheway] mad at the phoenix family???
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Hi friends!

I respect everyone's opinion on this list, I hope that is returned as well.

I don't think any of us are in the position to judge another person, we
don't walk in other people's shoes (if they even have shoes). River, and
only River, knew why he chose to do drugs. Being mad is a negative energy,
of which we are entitled -- as the saying goes -- there's a time for every
purpose under Heaven. But I chose to apply that energy to something
positive. River was born a crusader...he did do so many wonderful things,
and brought such awareness to very important causes that I need not repeat.
Nothing is going to bring him back physically. He was just a person who was
very sensitive, talented and cared about people -- and raised to the surface
important issues in our world. Most young people, especially in show
business -- pale in comparison to the awareness and depth this one guy had.
He was a "mover and a shaker"! To me, he didn't waste any of his short 23
years, in fact, I believe he lived many life times in what he accomplished
while he was here with us. Death proved only one thing, he was no God....he
was "only human". Thanks for listening. In River's memory...


On Wed, 1 Nov 2000 16:02:15 EST, wrote:

| In a message dated 11/1/2000 2:54:30 PM Central Standard Time,
| starztinkerbell@a... writes:
| << well...i am mostly mad at river! he was such an ass (um...sorry for
| but
| he was...he knew what he was doing was gonna kill him, he didnt even
| reporters mentioning that he was smoking when giving the interviews, i
| that to be really retarded on his part.,..and i think the only person to
| blamed is him. i know that sounds horrible, but it is true! he could
| gotten help, lots of people tried to help him, but he never
| would listen and just ignore what they had said.
| well, i hate to souind bitter or anything (which im sure i do) this
| after 'that' day and all....
| well, bye for now folks... >>
| thank you. im in many river clubs and people look to him as a god and so
| he was just a normal person and yes a normal person in which i admire.
| the people that turn vegan cause he did is crock. he put himself where
| at. if he didnt want to die he wouldnt have taken so many drugs. now
| on an individual basis is cool and down to earth but these people ive
| turning into soemthing cause he did is ridiculous.


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