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~Lena12/6/2000 9:58:37 PM
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Do you think that it's possible for Joaquin to be nominated for an academy
award for "Gladiator"? Or even a golden globe? Some people think that
"Gladiator" is going to take best picture award.


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> Hi guys,
> There's a lot of oscar buzz already swirling around
> Joaquin's new film "Quills". Personally, I want to
> see the film quite badly since my philosophy is
> heavily against censorship(it's been called an
> anti-censorship movie). Anyway, could there be a
> second Phoenix kid up for the award? If the film is
> as good as it looks, I think it's probable he could be
> nominated. Does anyone know how large his role is?
> Would he have to be up for supporting or best actor?
> Brittany
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