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In a message dated 1/17/01 8:32:35 PM Pacific Standard Time,
Fishstik44@a... writes:

<< alright, i've been meaning to write for a long while.Heres a river story
reallybothered me, its a bit lengthy,but it just proves that ignorant poeple
can be extremely cruel.
A couple weeks ago I was sitting in my chemistry class, and we had a
substitute so we were all just kinda not doing naything. Well it was 60's
day for a good portion of the class because they take a course called Global
Insights and the teacher dedicates one day a year to the 60's and everyone
whos in teh class that dresses up gets extra credit. Moving on with the
story. A group of guys (evil guys) started talking about overdoses and the
victims. They touched upon Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and so on, but then
of them said, "hey remember that River phoenix guy" and they were all like "
yea" and one guy said " yea hes the dude that od on some freaky shit in a
club" and the other guy said, "did he die on the toilet like elvis?" So now
turned around and said, "no actually he died on a side walk, in L.A. with
people standing around him while he was seizuring. " They looked at me and
then said " basically he took some health pills and fell on his face". NOw
can imagine my anger. I said " no he mixed some drugs and a drink and his
heart stopped" they were like, " Whatever, thats great." SO I turned around
and put my head phones on but low enough to hear what was going on. Then
here's the kicker, they said " What a loser, pretty stupidanyone would
realize that mixing drinks and crack dont go" "yup he deserved it" (they
were refering to River. SO yea i felt like crap for a little while, then
realized I dont like them so I shouldn't care. SO thats my story. Thanks 4
listening. byebye


Oh I know how you feel!! Those people are stupid and don't know what they're
talking about. I've been there! So what are the full details of his death?
Like was did he take exactly? I know he was at the viper room outside and he
had a seisure and Samantha Mathis and his brother and sister were there and
his heart failed and..

"It's not easy having a good time. Even smiling makes my face ache!"
-The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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