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~Skye1/19/2001 8:24:56 AM
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In a message dated 1/18/01 4:12:33 PM Pacific Standard Time,
Fishstik44@a... writes:

<< hey Skye, whatsup, I'm Eileen, and I'm 15. River was an awesome soul, I
I was older when he was alive to really appreciate his talent when he was
still using it. I miss him and I do belive so does everyone on this list.I'm
sure if u just give us a topic we'll go on and on about him. We've all got
lots to say about River, we all love him so. Alright then, i g/g study 4 my
trig midterm (math......grrrrr) byebye

~Eileen >>

Hey Eileen, so how about everyone just says their favorite river movies so I
can know? :-) Mine are "The thing called love" and "I love you to death"
"Running on empty" was good too and so is "Stand by me" though I haven't seen
it in so long. Oh yeah, also "My own Private Idaho"

"It's not easy having a good time. Even smiling makes my face ache!"
-The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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