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In this old post, what did you mean Edward?
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Brad!5/2/2001 5:43:34 AM
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Brad!SubjectIn this old post, what did you mean Edward?
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I tapped into the wrong May list of messages and came across a bunch
I wanted to read from last year. This was a real good one Edward,
but I was wondering what HIMO means. I don't know that one. I took
out some stuff that was about that other thread, because we don't
need it for this post. Hope that is ok. But I kept in everything I
want to ask you about. OK, I have to go now, but I
have more questions about what this means, ok? I like it tho. And
then after that I put stuff about Running on Empty and how Danny
(River real) might think about the Phillies in real.

So anyway, here is your old post Edward, could you tell me what that
word is, it's near the end, but I thought you might want to see the

OLD POST: "If ever anyone was more than "just a body", it
was River, and this in no way minimizes his
extraordinary physical beauty or cautions against
appreciating it. ... We may all respond to that in
different ways, but I'm sure we all do respond to it.
But I think it's a matter of balance and
proportion. Substantiality is one thing, and the
channel through which Substantiality expresses itself
is something else. However enjoyable and legitimately
wonderful the measureable things are they DO die.
That's the very nature of measureableness: it isn't
infinite and eternal.
But I think the things we cannot measure ARE
infinite and eternal: compassion, justice, loyalty,
truth and all things loving. Didn't River use his
"measureable body" to try to express these things? So
even though River's body has died (ONLY his body
IMHO), we still have River with us when we ally
ourselves with compassion, justice, loyalty and truth.
And all things loving. We can still feel his
companionship when we can put things in the right
order to do so.
The icing on this cake is that in his films we
still get to enjoy some of River's "measureableness".
And that's wonderful, too.

O me! I got started again, didn't I? Nobody ever
accused me of not having an opinion and sometimes I
probably leave the H out of IMHO!

OK, NOW about baseball and Danny (River) in Running on Empty. I
will have to watch it again I think. I felt the same thing about the
way he said "Baseball is my life" to the catcher (Joey Thrower).
That he was talking about himself I mean, but saying, sort of, I
can't really express it right. But like he had to think about too
much. And he(meaning River) but as Danny Pope, almost wished he could
just be a real kid and play, like baseball sometimes. So it was
almost like he was answering his friend, but talking about his own
messed up life too (Danny's messed up life I mean). River is not an
easy bud to figure out. And I haven't done it yet.

Now there's the other part that's sort of sarcastic Danny says about
baseball. Remember, the part about his father (Judd Hirsch) saying
about the Phillies winning so everything must be ok? Well, see River
(as Danny) threw a line then and a little of the real River might
have come through and I think he might have liked baseball. I'll
tell you why. I'm too tired to look this up now, but I heard my
brother talking with the concierge about Philies history. And if
it's right then River put a different line in. When the movie was
made (and it was filmed on location up in Northern New Jersey. That
school is a real building there.) - ok, when the movie was made
people here were talking about the Phillies doing well again, like
going for the pennant. (BTW, sorry about spelling, I have the worst
migraine ever and I can't sleep and I'm too tired to look it up, I
just want to talk, ok?) And I don't think that could have been in the
script that way unless the screen writer (Naomi Foner, was she a
Phillies fan?) was right there and put it in, because it was too
like, current news. Sorry, I think I am totalled and wasting
everybody's time with this. Anyway, I think River was pretty amazing
for a kid and he could have put that in if he thought that was how
Danny would think. And it's another little piece that tells me
somthing about River, or I could be wrong, or I could just be wishful
thinking. but maybe now you could say what you think, ok?

this is it, I really have to go now. Bye, Brad
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