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Edward5/2/2001 11:30:04 AM
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EdwardSubjectRe: [acrosstheway] Hi :)
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Welcome, Adhi, to River's list. I hope you'll
make some great new friends here.
Thank-you, Brad, for introducing us to a new


--- Adhara Phoenix Naberrie <adhara_phoenix@y...>
> Well, I just joined the group so I'm gonna introduce
> myself (don't
> worry, it'll be brief
> I'm a 18-spanish girl, my name's adhara but people
> call me Adhi, I
> love River, Matrix and Internet (yeah, maybe I'm
> addicted to the net
> ^___^U) and.. well, if any one wanna know more just
> tell me
> So here we go, thanks to Brad for telling me about
> this group and
> sorry if my english's not very good ah, I've got
> a River's club
> for latin speakers so if any one is interested in
> joining,
> I think that's all by the moment Thanks and take
> care!

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