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Adhi, I have a confession...
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Brad!SubjectAdhi, I have a confession...
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Hola Adhi!

OK in Running on Empty, Danny (River Phoenix) confesses to Lorna
(Martha Plimpton) that Danny isn't his real name.

Well Brad isn't mine. It's my brothers. And brad_usa2001 is his id.
But I'm in his custody now. And to write here, he has to be able to
see what I say (it's the rules). So he had this e_mail and hardly
ever used it. And in school they told us to pick a nickname for
cyberspace. I'm mad at my brother right now, but I like his name,
and before I was mad at him, I took it over. Even River sometimes
called himself "Rio" in real, but I guess you know that.

And Danny in Running on Empty was from a lot of places. so was the
real River Phoenix. I wish I was from some cool place like Alaska or
Maine, or Autralia maybe. So Antarctica is cool too.

But I think what's important is that behind our nicknames and stuff
we are the real people who write things here, about River Phoenix who
was real, but had secrets too, and that's what matters to me when I
come here. People are sometimes more real here than in real. I mean
look at what Michele wrote about on Dr. King's Birthday. That's
real. And Edward writes real things that I don't always understand
(he's very deep and his writes are truth on differenet levels), and
Barry likes to tease (but watch out! - he's real smart!), and Ellen
told us about the whole story on "Surviving", before that Cats told
the whole thing on how River gave Joan Plowright ("Nadja" in "I Love
You To Death") a tuning fork after her husband died, and Lena just
yesterday was really really upset cause she can't see River Phoenix
in "Dogfight" in Greece - see? All real. And I didn't even tell you
about all the rest of the people here! All real!

And your English is great! It's better than me and my friends and
we're Americans. My English teacher says we don't speak English
anyway, we make it up as we go along. They speak real English in GB.
So just come and have fun. And maybe people who can speak Spanish can
go in your River club and make friends too. OK?

Now to what I want to ask you. River Phoenix spoke Spanish and sang
in Spanish and was in South America and Latin America and Italy (I
don't know if he spoke Italian) and Japan. But did he ever come to

I have to go eat now.
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