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Hi Leigh!! RJP Comedian!
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~Jan D9/1/2001 3:17:36 AM
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~Jan DSubjectHi Leigh!! RJP Comedian!
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Hi Leigh,

I'm glad you liked "ILYTD"!! Gives the stomach muscles quite adequate
workout from all the laughing...for sure!! I love that scene, too,
where he stands up and says "can't take this anymore"...what he DOES
when he says it just absolutely is KILLER, ya know what I mean????
And when he goes into the bar with those geeky glasses and hat on and
the "foo-man-choo" fake mustache and tries to be incognito to the
barkeep, who recognizes him ANYWAY to his great dismay and says to
him "They're in the back, DEVO!!".So incredibly funny!!! Then they
sit at the table and try to make the deal!!
The other screamin' funny thing, is several times in the film,
everytime before he gets into and when he gets out of his car (that
silly VW bug), he either puts the antenna down, or pulls it up!!!
It's really killer-funny!!
And when he gives Keanu a bad time about them taking a taxi to "the
scene of a crime!"
Oh the whole thing is just great!! I'm gonna have to go sit and watch
it right now. Just talking about it is making me giggle to no end.

I'm really glad to see it when other people recognize and appreciate
how funny RIV really was...he was just so incredibly versatile. Not
everyone sees that, but he was so much!!

Congrats on your new poster!! I won a super rare one of him
today...really I'm a real happy camper, too:-)!! Some
people don't like his serious look, but I happen to LOVE it. Of
course, I LOVE his smile, too, when you can see it!! God!! What a
Beautiful smile he had!! The pics I have of him smiling I feel must
be rare because he wouldn't do it much for the camera. Behind it, he
did! Rascal!!

More Later...

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