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queenofcomedy19/1/2001 2:15:38 PM
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What a nice, intelligent message...not at all to insinuate that the other
good folks at acrosstheway aren't, because they ARE, but I haven't seen the
word pedantic used in sentence in a long time.
I write for a television show here in T.O, so I had better get downstairs
and show my face to the crew before they think I haven't come in. I write
for the show and also am in it, so its kind of a bitch when I have to come
in on the week-ends of shows I'm not actually IN. Anyway, this is a great
way to earn brownie points as showing up is nine-tenths of life.
nice to meet you,
Martina (by the way, when I press reply on mm email that I receive from
acrosstheway, does it go to you personally, or does it go to the message
I am confewzed. ( pronounced con-FYEW-Zed).

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corroberated (sic).

Hi, Martina!
Does your "sic" represent an invitation? If so, then I'll
take you up on it since I am in a particularly pedantic mood at
the moment! LOL LOL


Good wishes to you for your inner search to find the meaning
the picture has for you.

Love to River and to All of Us!


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