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re RJP comedian
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~LeighSubjectre RJP comedian
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Jan, I'd forgotten about the car ariel, its those little quirky
things that just made Devo so hysterical ! The "disguise" .. some
disguise huh ... is priceless. The mother in law is so funny too. I
think I'll go stick it on again tonight.

Oh his smile was just beautiful, probably more so because we rarely
got to see it ... one of my favourite moments is in Dogfight when he
returns to the restaurant and showing the jacket to the snotty waiter
he flashes the cutest smile!

RJ, River hardly appears in Sneakers sadly or it seems that way
whenever I see it, not nearly enough screen time for my liking. Thats
another role that shows his flair for comedy I think, I don't want to
give away anything if you haven't seen it but he some really comic

Speaking of little screen time, this is something I've often wondered
about ... why in so many of his films does he have so little time in
the film. Like in Silent Tongue, Sneakers, even I love you to Death
there are huge chunks where he's not in it. Always makes me want to
shake the Director and yell what were you thinking ?! Because in any
film he appeared in he was always the character that grabbed you and
stood out, but these films are filled up with a lot less interesting
people. Ok I'm rambling now.
Have a nice Sunday folks,
Love, Leigh
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