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~Jan D9/3/2001 4:01:09 PM
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Hi Leigh,

I wondered the same thing. He had ALOT of guitars! And out of the
literally thousands of pics I have of him, I have Not seen him
pictured with this particular one. I have several photos of him with
different guitars, but not this one. And that's not to say this one
wasn't his, I don't know either way about that, BUT where is the
ironclad PROOF that this was his? This is one of those situations
where, this COULD be real, OR NOT, ya know what I mean? I'm sure they
are very please with the price so far!! Some people just accept what
is being offered at face value, but when it comes to something like
this, I would definitely check it out as thoroughly as possible.
Wonder if the 2 individuals who are bidding on it so far know
something, or if they are just caught up in the possibility of it, ya
know? Yep, it's REAL interesting...I'm watching it to see what
happens. One of us ought to contact the seller to see if we could get
a feel for their sincerity, or if this is fabrication...would be
interesting. I personally would still like to know exactly how many
guitars he had. And I'd like to photos of each one, the makes and
model numbers...that's what I want. I know about the one he bought in was Beautiful!!

Well, happy bidding huh?? it will be interesting to see how crazy
that goes!

Jan--- In acrosstheway@y..., Timbertop89@a... wrote:
> Have you guys seen this ? Its up on Ebay ... I'm not the seller or
> trying to advertise it or anything, but I just stumbled onto it
> now. Interesting little story attached to it too. If it is
> his, oh boy, what I wouldn't give to have this !!
> Love,Leigh
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