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queenofcomedy19/3/2001 5:20:51 PM
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Dear Leigh and friends, No! I do not own the actual guitar...and frankly as
much as I smile broadly at the joy owning an item held or owned by RJP would
bring you, I'm not in a financial position to entertain the thought of
bidding for anything like that...I'm more concerned with gee...I
dunno...EATING, LOL. No, honey, I simply own the identical make and
model...purchased it long before he passed away. Thought it was kind of
cool. Ovation make an EXCELLENT instrument.Love, martina...aka the Martian

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Great minds think alike Jan, I was looking a photos too and wasnt
able to find that particular guitar! lol
I don't know how the seller could ever really prove this .. except
that if you look real close at the label thingy, it has John
Phoenix's name on it, would someone just out to pull a scam know of
his father's name ? Well now I think about it I suppose its pretty
common knowledge.
Personally I'd be afraid to bid unless I had concete proof he's owned
it .. can't afford it either !!

Martina .. did you mean you have a guitar thats the exact same make
and model, or that you have the actual guitar ? I'm confewzed :-)

Love, Leigh wishing she had the money to bid!

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