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River on the Internet Movie Database
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Does anyone know why River doesn't have a photo gallery (or even an
elementary headshot) up at the Internet Movie Database? There are no
pictures of him at all! Am I the only one who finds this to be a
travesty of epic proportion and thinks something should be DONE about
it post haste?!? :o) I mean, the web wide world is being severely
DENIED here! River's beauty, both inner and OUTER, should be shared!

Anyone know how we can rectify this sorry situation?


PS - His "biography" at the IMDB is also severely lacking in personal
quotes (there are in fact NONE.) Now River (as I'm sure you'll agree)
said a lot of wonderful things in his lifetime, and I really think we
owe it to him (and to users of the IMDB) to round up some of his
greatest quotes and submit them. What do you think?
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