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Hi Brad, and everyone here.
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mikez10/1/2001 5:29:41 PM
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mikezSubjectHi Brad, and everyone here.
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I got your email Brad, and I sent you a
reply to your hotmail box..

Thanks for the reply, and the photo, that
was a nice reply I must say, and alot better
than some other people online.

I have been here before, but not recent.
So im going to make it a point to try and
visit here a few times a week to see what im
missing here.

Any fans of River are most likly friends
of mine. I like to chat with River fans, there
so open minded and real most of the time.

So lets all keep in touch ok, I will write
more soon here, I have some river poems I
wrote also, if any of you would be intrested
in reading them, just let me know ok.
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