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Everything under the sun for River Friends...
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Brad!10/2/2001 4:13:45 AM
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Brad!SubjectEverything under the sun for River Friends...
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Hi River Friends! :-) Well I don't have practice cause of the rain,
so I will try to write everything today. Before I get started, you
ever notice how what some peeps write can always make you feel good?
Everytime MICHELLE comes in here and tells us we are family and how
she hopes we have a good day, I like it. It's almost like a Mom
coming to tuck you in when you are little. It's very nice. OK, well
I hope all of you have time to read everything and talk on it, but
just in case you don't have time today I will put peeps names in all
caps by stuff I need you to look at too, so you can find yourself
fast if you need to. Now be sure to skim all the way to the end,
because I might need you to look at more than one thing, ok? :-)
And the very last part is for everybody too.

Running on Empty - yep - good choice for a River movie to see ALEX.
RIGGSY! Glad you could come and talk here! Now this is a hard
question, about which movie to watch on October 30th? See Running on
Empty is the one River Phonix got nominated for the Academy Award
for. He's very good as Danny Pope. Really most of the acting in it
I liked. But it is sort of sad in parts. And the other thing is,
it's sort of lovey-dovey too. But you might like that part! Now a
movie you don't have yet, that doesn't show much of River Pheonix,
but when he's in it, mostly he is really good in it and very funny -
SNEAKERS! He almost reminds me of a younger version of RIGSY in it!
So on that date, you might like something lighter better. October
30th and 31st were always more like fun times for me. But now that I
know what happened to RIVER PHOENIX, well, I just don't know. I
don't much feel like partying and I'm sort of old to go halloweening
and stuff. Maybe I will help in the haunted house for the kids
around here. I might help take my nieces and nephews and little
cousins around. But that's on Halloween night, like way after when
River Pheonix passed on. At least it's not on the weekend this
year. But I don't know what I will do yet. What movie would the rest
of you watch if you were going to watch one I mean?

EDWARD, that part explaining about how it is easier to be mean than
nice I understood this time and I only read it about 6 times I think.
Thanks for taking all that time to help explain things here. ANA,
maybe if you could see EDWARD'S post about that you could see too.
But your point about it being easier because humans have a long habit
of doing and are not so good at being peaceful, is part of it too.
But that separation thing, that like kids in competition thing EDWARD
was talking about really got me too. I think so. So I have to
figure out how to open up to like the FORCE more. And EDWARD I would
write to Sirota or whoever that was that took the "Tarzan" pictures
of River if nobody else wants to, but do you know where to write
her? Maybe KATS or BARRY will know.

MIKE! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! You are back too! Good. Yep, ALEX you
are right. MIKE says a lot of good poems. MIKE, what happened? You
used to put one almost every month at least. You get real busy? OK,
I will go and read in my emails later too. Now could you please put
the link to your River Phoenix page in the "Bookmarks" room, because
I don't see it in there. SKYE was helping me to eat better too. I
have trouble finding like "fast" stuff you know? See we eat out a
lot and it's cause we just don't have much time to cook anyways.
Maybe you know some more foods that like help save animals?

And MARYA, I went to your site and I sort of landed in the "Links"
page. I never saw so many good links to programs and stuff to help
people! How do you know about all those places? You are like not
only really smart, but you do a lot of good things too, huh? I
don't know if it is almost time for you to go to your competition,
but I am starting to send you good energy for it now, ok? And did
you hear anything about Joaquin Phoenix being in Animal Times the
last month or two?

INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE PICTURES - yep River Phoenix is missing.
ALEX, KATY, I think somebody has to write to IMDB to ask how we can
get some pictures of him on there. Because see, I'm not sure, but I
think we might have to write to his old agent, or his estate lawyers
or something to get it started? You want to find out?

Thanks for putting the link for AUDIOGALAXY here BECKY in msg #
4528. I hope you could put it in the "Bookmarks" room sometime too
if you feel like it because that would be a good thing for us to
have. Do you have all of River's music? So how does this work? You
mean sometimes there are different River songs at different times
depending on when you go there?

When you get time JENN could you put the link to your site in here?
You have one?

I am still going and voting for River Phoenix on the E! site MARK,
but I don't know if they are still counting the votes. You think
they will count any that come in before the True Hollywood Story
Marathon this weekend?

Are you ok JOSE? You get over that dank picture of River? It's sort
of hard. I saw it by accident a couple times and I really don't want
to see it again. I hope you are ok and will come back and talk.
MARTINA the MARTIAN (it's ok she called herself that :-), she was a
real nice funny lady too) saw it once and was hurt too. We were
looking for another way she could get over it, but then something
happened and she went away. I hope she is ok, too. DEBBIE I don't
know if we could get the picture off of that site. I don't like it.
I guess I could write to them if I get time and tell them how bad I
feel knowing the picture is there and that I won't take a chance
looking at Casa De Rio or whatever it's called, cause I really don't
ever want to see it again. It's really wrong that somebody sneaked
in there and paid the night man off and took a picture. It's just
like, it's stolen or something. It's just wrong. And I don't even
want to think about being in Joaq's shoes and just going into a 7-11
for a energy bar or something and there is a picture of my ... "
No , I'm not going there. You know what I mean, I think.

It's really great you are back too LENA. Hope you found the link
for "Fall Into the Ocean" I put in here. ALEX put it in
the "Bookmarks" room too for us to have. But were you able to get
your membership preferences fixed up so you have your ID and password
and all you need to get into the acrosstheway web site? Cause maybe
one of us could help you if not, ok?

I sort of know what you mean about Dening's book on River Phoenix
JULIE. But listen to this part on page 60 at the bottom and then
page 62... "My Own Private Idaho" is generally accepted to be River
Pheonix's finest work. His portrayal of a narcoleptic rent boy is
utterly compelling. There are few people who could naturally
identify with the character of Mike Waters, and yet in some
extraordinary way through River's vulnerable yet wholly unsentimental
performance we do." Now I'm not sure exactly what she means here,
but I think she is saying something good when she says: "Although
male homosexuality provides both the framework and the sub-text to
the film, River is never limiting. Male, female, gay or straight, no
one is excluded from the egg-shell fragility of his performance."
Maybe somebody here could tell me what that last sentence really
means, ok? But I guess the parts you mean that are not so nice to
him, BTW, is Penelope Deming from UK? LEIGH, do you know? But "The
River Phoenix Album" by Penelope Dening is the one book that has all
my fave picts of him I like in one place. All five of them are in
there. And ALEX, yep they have the pict you got too and it's
reversed in that book! :-)

Did you find a copy of the E! True Hollywood story about River
Phoenix ANGELA? I might know of something you could still find on
other boards, if you want to try it I mean, I don't know if it's real
or not, so you have to beware of buying from unknown sources, ok?

Well there is so much I am forgetting to talk about, so sorry, but I
have to get to sleep, because it's already after midnight.

Well, this part is not so nice. By this date in 1993, River
Pheonix had already flown to Utah with Samantha Mathis and was high
up on location in Torrey. River Phoenix did not know it yet, but he
had already had his last birthday. I feel like it's happening all
over again. And I can't stop it. Like I want to go there in a time
machine and make him come with me on a long trek to Canada's Rocky
Mountains or somewhere way far away like the Australian outback or

Sorry that was kind of a down way to end, but I don't know what else
to put, it is on my mind. Ok, well, anyways,

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