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--- In acrosstheway@y..., "Brad" <brad_usa1@h...> wrote:

> So on that date, you might like something lighter better. October=20
> 30th and 31st were always more like fun times for me. But now that=20
> know what happened to RIVER PHOENIX, well, I just don't know. I=20
> don't much feel like partying and I'm sort of old to go=20
> and stuff. Maybe I will help in the haunted house for the kids=20
> around here. I might help take my nieces and nephews and little=20
> cousins around. But that's on Halloween night, like way after=20
> River Pheonix passed on. At least it's not on the weekend this=20
> year. But I don't know what I will do yet. What movie would the=20
> of you watch if you were going to watch one I mean?

> Bye,
> Brad

Hello Brad and evryone here,

I=B4ll definitely watch My own private Idaho. Well, I was in Flea=20
market on Sat. here and found a original MOPI video for just a few DM.
It=B4s fantastic to have it. The only bad thing is that I get a
bad cold now.=20
It=B4s hardly believe that River=B4s already gone for nearly 8
now.I still rememebered clearly how I felt at that moment ( to know=20
that he=B4s away)I=B4ve a dream at that time--- to go to Viper room
light a candle for him. And I=B4ll do it.. in two years. Maybe
can organize a meeting there for all the Rio fans ? I=B4ll
fly to there.=20

Anyways, have a nice day and RIVER FOREVER!!!!


P.S. Brad, thanks for your mail. I feel better now..
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